Remark Sketch Virgin Gambit #1 Arsenal/Cape&Cowl Store Exclusive X-Men Animated Series X-Men #266


Remark Sketch and Signed option!

Choose one of the options below to have cover artist Larry Houston do a sketch remark of one of your favorite characters from X-Men The Animated Series! Not just is this cover by one of the masterminds behind one of the GREATEST comic book cartoons EVER, but now you can get a sketch by him too!

Six iconic X-Men characters to choose from!

VIRGIN EDITION Gambit #1 Arsenal/Cape&Cowl Store Exclusive X-Men Animated Series X-Men #266 Homage by Larry Houston

Previously on X-Men!...

Our next X-Men The Animated Series homage cover by Larry Houston is here and it's for one of the biggest comics of the summer! Gambit #1!

Our exclusive is a homage cover of Gambit's first appearance Uncanny X-Men #266! This exclusive is Gambit's FIRST APPEARANCE in the style of X-Men: The Animated Series by none other than Larry Houston, the legend behind the iconic and beloved cartoon! Larry was Producer/Director/Writer/Storyboard Artist of the animated series. This is a MUST HAVE for fans of the series. Never before have we seen the Ragin' Cajun's first appearance brought to life in the animated style of the fan favorite 90s cartoon!

-Releasing July 27th 2022

-Shared exclusive for Arsenal Comics & Games (Ventura County, CA) and Cape & Cowl Comics (Oakland, CA)

-Limited variant to only 1000 copies!!!

-IMPORTANT- If selecting local pickup, make sure you include which store you are picking up at in the notes section during checkout.

-Handling time is 2-3 business days.