Fear The Funhouse: Toybox of Terror Arsenal Exclusive CHILD'S PLAY Bill Galvan LTD 250

$14.99 - $34.99

Killer dolls are running rampant in Riverdale!

Arsenal Comics and Games is proud to reveal our pair of EXCLUSIVE covers for Archie Comics Fear The Funhouse: Toybox of Terror, which is Arsenal Co-Founder and owner Timmy Heague's FIRST published comics work!

This exclusive cover features artwork by Archie Comics artist Bill Galvan that pays homage to the iconic original movie poster for Child's Play, Chucky's first film! In Chucky's place on the variant cover is PLUCKY, a demonic doll that appears in TOYBOX OF TERROR! Bill also added an effect to it that makes it look like an old VHS rental tape, genre sticker and all! Be sure to check out the other horror movie homage cover that Bill did of another famous killer doll! There is a combo package deal available for the pair, just check out our products page!

We have some really cool signed cover options so be sure to check those out! Who doesn't want a SEVEN times signed comic, I mean, that's just crazy!

Timmy has even been hard at work crafting how to draw the perfect classic Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead so if you're wanting some original artwork as well as a signature from your favorite comic shop owner turned writer, that's an option too!

But most importantly? What is this comic about? Check out the official synopsis from Archie Comics here!
"In Riverdale, even the toys are terrifying in this anthology one-shot set in the universe of last year's successful Fear the Funhouse comic. Three tales of dolls, robots, and puppets gone awry all thanks to the work of a shadowy toymaker and a young girl intent on revenge, in the vein of the widely successful M3GAN movie and Child's Play franchise."

-Available 10-18-23

-Limited variant to only 250 copies!

-IMPORTANT- If selecting local pickup, make sure you include which store you are picking up at in the notes section during checkout.

-Handling time is 2-3 business days after release date.

-If choosing any of the signed options from Bill Galvan, Michael Northrop, Danielle Paige, Ryan Caskey, and Ellie Wright, please expect two to three weeks after release date until your order will be signed and shipped to you.

-If selecting a remark sketch option from Timmy, please let us know what Archie character you'd like him to draw for you in the notes section during checkout.