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COMBO PACK Amazing Spider-Man #900 Ventura Cover


Includes the Standard Trade Dress and Virgin editions!

Standard Trade Dress
-Limited variant to only 4000 copies

Virgin Edition
-Limited variant to only 2000 copies

Ventura, California is on the cover of an official Marvel Comic, the oversized anniversary issue of Amazing Spider-Man #900! Available exclusively at Arsenal Comics and Games!

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is finally in OUR neighborhood of Ventura, California for the first time ever! This cover shows Spider-Man swinging on top of the iconic Two Trees landmark that has been restored and made whole thanks to the help of Groot from Guardians of The Galaxy! Behind them is the beautiful Ventura Pier and Pacific Ocean. Preorder now to guarantee your copy.

This cover is a limited print run of 2000 copies and features incredible artwork by Todd Nauck!

We love you Ventura!

**As of May 24th, Marvel Has announced Amazing Spider-Man #900 Has been pushed back to July 27th which unfortunately includes our exclusive cover**