Chilling Adventures Presents… Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe Of Horrors #1 Arsenal Exclusive PRM

$9.99 - $12.99

Chilling Adventures Presents… Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe Of Horrors #1 Arsenal Exclusive featuring artwork by Arsenal Co-Founder Paul Roman Martinez

Our first exclusive of 2023 is here and we have gone to Riverdale to make it happen! Our good friend Amy Chase has made her mainstream comics writing debut with this release and we just had to team-up with Archie Comics to make an exclusive for this amazing Archie Horror anthology. Our cover is drawn by Arsenal Co-Founder Paul Roman Martinez showcasing Betty Cooper and Sherry Thyme meeting the planet of this story! The cover is an homage to a classic Francisco Francavilla cover from the famous Archie Horror series that started all this, Afterlife with Archie!

Official comic synopsis:
"Pop Tate is the glue holding Riverdale together, whether everyone realizes or not. His Chock'lit Shoppe is the beating heart of the city, where everyone can stop in for a delicious bite and some safe haven—even the worst sorts. And not just the run-of-the-mill rapscallions who recently broke the jukebox. When a young Riverdale couple (Nick St. Clair and Sherry Thyme) attempt to dine and dash on the humble small business owner, they quickly discover the fryer grease isn't the only heart-stopping thing about the Chock'lit Shoppe. From tales of mystery meat to the unnatural visitors that dine late at night, this anthology tells stories about the horrors that happen at Riverdale's beloved malt shop—and how Pop Tate is at the center of it all, the most powerful figure in Riverdale providing haven to all sorts of terrors and underhanded villainy."


-Limited variant to only 250 copies!

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